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Welcome to the Patchwork Kingdoms DCC Campaign Page!

This is a casual drop in / drop out game of Dungeon Crawl Classics with a fairly large group of players and multiple GM’s. We’re just getting started, but we’ve run a couple of sessions of 0-level funnels and now have a few first level characters ready to go on to more adventure!

I’m hoping we can use this to document the goings on in the campaign and to develop our own setting and history through play (that is to say there probably won’t be a ton of work spent developing aspects of the setting that haven’t become relevant during play. Not that there might not be some of that, but I think our focus will be on developing things as they come up).

We may use some pre-created (by one of our GM’s) material for a starting skeleton of the campaign world but it’s pretty loose and it’ll be easy to adjust and develop from through play.

Home Page

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